Miltoniopsis-icon Zygopetalum Orchids available at Eikenhoff Nursery


orchids have fine roots that shouldn’t be dried out completely.

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brassia-icon Zygopetalum Orchids available at Eikenhoff Nursery


the Spider Orchid, is a genus of Oncidium relatives that have flowers with long, narrow petals resembling a spider.

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Oncidium-icon Zygopetalum Orchids available at Eikenhoff Nursery


orchids, also known as the “Dancing Ladies” are very popular plants known for centuries.

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The Zygopetalum (zye-go-PET-ah-lum) orchid genus is very small and only contains 15 recognized species. Even though the number of species is small, there are an abundant number of Zygopetalum hybrids. 

This orchid's generic name, derived from the Greek word zygon, means "yoked petal". Zygopetalums are very fragrant orchids and their fragrance can often fill an entire room.

Zygopetalum orchids produce beautiful waxy-looking blooms. The blooms are usually green and brown striped or speckled, with a broad white velvety lip marked with purple, indigo, maroon, or fuchsia. The leaves are long, glossy, and strap-like. Zygopetalum foliage can grow to be nearly two feet tall and the inflorescence, which develops from the base of the pseudobulb, will usually grow even taller than the leaves. They may be grown under similar conditions to most cymbidiums. 

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Galeopetalum Arlene Armour Conching

Galeopetalum Arlene Armour 'Conching'

Pot Size 14cm; Flowering Size

R 280,00
Zygonisia Cynosure Blue Birds HCC-AM/AOS

Zygonisia Cynosure 'Blue Birds' HCC -AM/AOS

Pot Size 12cm; Flowering Size

R 280,00
Zygopetalum Debbie De Mello Honolulu Baby AM/AOS

Zygopetalum Debbie De Mello 'Honolulu Baby' AM/AOS

Pot Size 14cm; Flowering Size  

R 320,00
Zygopetalum intermedium

Zygopetalum intermedium

Pot Size 18cm; Flowering Size

R 350,00
Zyg Louisendorf Grez

Zygopetalum Louisendorf grez

Pot Size 14cm; Flowering Size

R 260,00
Zygopetlum Artur Elle Tombstone

Zygopetlum Artur Elle 'Tombstone'

Pot Size 14cm; Flowering Size

R 300,00
Zygotoria Midnight Blue 'Cardinal's Roost'

Zygotoria Midnight Blue 'Cardinal's Roost' AD HCC/AOS

Pot Size 12cm; Flowering Size

R 260,00

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