Miltoniopsis-icon Bratonia Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Orchids


orchids have fine roots that shouldn’t be dried out completely.

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brassia-icon Bratonia Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Orchids


the Spider Orchid, is a genus of Oncidium relatives that have flowers with long, narrow petals resembling a spider.

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Oncidium-icon Bratonia Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Orchids


orchids, also known as the “Dancing Ladies” are very popular plants known for centuries.

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Bratonia Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS

Bratonia Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS
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Pot Size 12cm; Flowering Size


The breeding is Bratonia Shelob x Bratonia Charles M. Fitch. It can have up to 10 pink star shapped flowers on a single spike. The flowers are just stunning when they bloom.

The color is a wonderful mottled lavender/purple on the petals and sepals, with a little olive green in the background; the large lip is a stunning lavender with some spots. They are easy to grow.


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